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How do I know that a review is accurate and genuine?

Like any similar user-review website, you don't know if a specific review is accurate and genuine. The Editors of CCA make no guarantees about the accuracy of any review. Hopefully, you will see multiple reviews of any supplier and make your own decision. The Editors of CCA will be constantly monitoring reviews and try to weed out any suspicious content.

Do I have to register to see reviews?

No. Anyone can see the reviews without registering on the site.

Do I have to register write a review?

You may write a review without registering and your name will appear as "anonymous." In this case, you will not be able to add photos, edit your review after you post it, nor can you receive messages from other users, regarding your review.

If you register as a user, your user name (not your real name) will appear on the review, you can add photos to your review, you may edit your review at any time, and you can receive messages regarding your review from other users.

Searching Suppliers

Here are a few tips for searching for a supplier:

Use the large green buttons to select a category of suppliers.

  • If there are less than 50 results, they will all be listed and can be viewed by scrolling down the page.
  • If there are more than 50 results, an A-Z list will appear. Letters with no suppliers in your search will be grey. For each letter, you can see how many suppliers are listed.

Refining your search

  • You can refine your search by selecting country, then the green category button, followed by Filter/Search.
  • You can also look for specific words, like the make of car, by entering the key words in Search box and then checking the box "including description".

Sorting of lists

  • The first upper box, to the left, allows you to select the order in which search results are listed: by name, country, category, average rating, or number of reviews. The default is by name.

What if a supplier is not listed?

If a supplier is not already on our list, click on the "Not Listed?" button and complete the information about the supplier. In the "Category" field, if the supplier provides more than one service (many do) hold down the Control button as you click on each of the services you wish to list - the service will be marked in blue. If you want to remove a service, click again to undo the marking. When finished, release the Control button and go to the next field.

Complete as many fields as you can. You can leave fields empty if you do not have the information.

Use the "Description" field only to describe the services of the supplier. Do not use this space for reviews or editorial comments.

CCA staff will be notified whenever a new supplier is added and we will try to complete any missing information and may edit content, as required.



To look for reviews of a specific supplier, click on the top menu button Reviews.

You can search by a supplier name, category or country - combination of category and country.

A list of suppliers that meet your search criteria will immediately appear below. If the supplier you are looking for is not listed, no one has listed it or reviewed it. You may list it by going to Contribute. See Help information for details. When you select a supplier from the list, the supplier's information page will appear followed by all reviews.


Reviews include text, images, and a general rating, shown by classic steering wheels. A score of zero (really bad service) will be shown as a single red wheel. 1 through 5 green rimmed wheels indicate poor (1) through excellent (5).


If you think this review was helpful, please click on Yes.


If you believe that the content in this review is either offensive or in some way inappropriate, please click on Report and complete the form, indicating why you think it is so. We appreciate the help of users in keeping our site accurate and suitable for all users.


If you wish to send a message to the person who provided the review, you can do so by clicking on Message, on the left side of the review box. You must be a registered user to send a message. Messages to and from you will be shown in the Messages section in the top menu.

How do I write a review?

Select a supplier from the list. Click on "I want to review this supplier".

If you are a registered user, be certain you have logged in. You may also write a review anonymously (see the help section - "Do I have to register to write a review").

Some suppliers provide multiple services (example: mechanical/service, restoration, spare parts). Indicate for which service you are writing your review. You can write multiple reviews for different services, if necessary. If you had contact with a specific individual, indicate that person's name. Select the year you used this supplier. For the line - Would you recommend this supplier? - click on either the thumb up (for Yes) or the thumb down (for No). Give your review a short name. Then, slide the button to the right to indicate your overall rating: 0 (Worst) to 5 (Best). Finally, in the box provided, write your full review.

If you are a logged in, registered user, you may also upload as many images as you wish.

If the supplier you used is not in the list, go to the Contribute section and click on "Not Listed." Complete the supplier information form as best you can. We will enter the company's logo.

Is CCA just for English and US suppliers?

No. CCA is for classic car enthusiasts and suppliers, anywhere in the world.

Do I have to be registered to use the Forum?

You do not have to registered to view the Forum, but you must be registered to contribute comments.

What is the Message function?

If you are a registered user, you can send a private message to other users, using the "Email (username)" on each review listing. You can view all messages sent to you by clicking on the "Messages" button in the top menu. This button is visible only for registered users who have logged in.

Do I have to write reviews in English?

No. You may write reviews in any language.

Can I change my profile?

Yes. Once you have registered and logged in, an additional button will appear in the top menu bar - "Profile" . Click on this button to view your current profile. To change information, click on the "Edit profile" button. You can also use the Edit profile button to add a photo or image for your onscreen presence. Select the file you wish to add and then click on Save. Select a roughly square image or edit the image to be square before uploading, otherwise it will be squeezed. You will see the status of your upload in the lower left of your screen.

Do not forget to click on Save after you make any changes in your profile.

Deleting your account

You can use your Profile page to delete your account. Keep in mind that anything you posted, previously, will remain on the site.