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Purchasing and maintaining a classic car require the services of a range of suppliers. Which ones you choose will determine if classic car ownership is a joy or a nightmare. (“CCA”) is a website where enthusiasts can seek information and share experiences. CCA provides a neutral platform for the free exchange of information and ideas, which, for financial and legal liability reasons, you won’t find in any car magazine or club website. CCA is based in Switzerland - known for its neutrality and home to many international organizations - and is not affiliated with any organization nor provider of products or services.

We invite you to submit an honest and complete review of your experiences with companies which serve the classic car community, as a guide for others.

CCA does not currently accept advertising. If we decide to do so, at a latter time, all ads will be completely independent of the reviews that are submitted.

CCA has two sections.

ccaThe Forum is where contributors can give general advice about any aspect of classic car ownership. We ask that this section not include reviews or references to specific suppliers, but stick to general suggestions or strategies. Please note that contributors may be from many backgrounds, ranging from true experts to novices. CCA does not attest to the authenticity of any comments posted by contributors. It is up to the reader to determine if this advice is reliable or not.


The Reviews section is where you can write a review or read the reviews of others. Again, CCA assume no responsibility for the accuracy of any review.

Note: The Editors of CCA reserve the right to remove any submissions which they believe use inappropriate language, images, or are biased in any way.