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Sterntimer Thorsten von der Ohe

Services: Appraiser, Broker, Sales
Contact: Thorsten von der Ohe

Spezialist für MERCEDES BENZ 107 SL (280 - 560)
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reviewed on 2020-04-07 16:30:47

I bought a Mercedes SL 560 sold by Sterntimer in June 2019 (€ 61,500) with confidence, based on the reviews published and imported to France.
Although the car is in a fairly good condition, my opinion is overall negative:

First of all, you should know that Sterntimer has no showroom and no workshop...
The official address is a residential house (blurred on Google Street view)
It is a virtual seller who subcontracts the restoration and maintenance of cars to various garages, unfortunately without much control.

Regarding my car, when i received it, I noticed the following problems that the seller refused to take care of:
-The hard top cannot be fixed correctly (it is veiled and therefore very noisy)
- new but low-end convertible top when the announcement indicated that the car should be fitted with a “high-end” sonnenland quality convertible top
- the heating does not work
- “Soram” exhaust when the car was supposed to be delivered exclusively with genuine Mercedes parts
- No jack
- Deflated spare tire
- Different body height at the front (2 cm gap between right and left wheels)
- Trunk poorly repainted following the removal of the 3rd stop light: concave, "orange peel" paint and hologram effect
- Missing carpet fixings
- only 1 key keys
- unexplained traces of liquid psplash on the odometers indicating that they have been changed or dismantled.
- Steering fluid black like ink ...

The seller who had claimed the quality of the car restored with quality equipment and completely original as well as "high end" warranty has not kept its promises.
The speech “before sale” is therefore very different from the speech once the car has been paid for.

In addition, except the cost of the heating valve, he refused to take care of missing or defective parts, as well as labor costs.

If you buy a car to, be carefull and inspect every part before paying.
After, it will be too late.

An extremely disappointed French buyer

PS 1 : Sterntimer refuses to send me an invitation to share my rating on
PS 2 : Of course, i kept all our mail exchanges and pictures about our exchanges with this merchant.
I would recommend this to a friend
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